Sky (killing_six_am) wrote,

Correy's a dumb bitch that is going to rot in hell, and i'm going to laugh.

Tonight was.. let's say interesting.
Well, some people called Correy, and his sister freaked out.. It was fucking hilarious like no fucking other. And his sister is like.. "LETS FUCKING FIGHTUDHEDJHS" You couldn't understand what her thug-ghetto-wanna-be ass was saying So we pretended like we knew. Okay! So they picked a place, it was going to be a one-on-one fight.. rofl. Brandy could have tore this bitch a new ass. Okay, so we drive by.. theres like 4 cars full of East-side-ghetto-im so thug- people, and pretending to be ganster. Correy looked fat and dumb. So they spotted us. Aha, so we drive away, and we turn into this parking lot.. Well, the cars block the entrance and like 6 huge fucking fat people start running after my car.. rofl, one of them kicked it, right? And well theres a huge dent.. Ahaha.. So yeah, Brandy calls the cops, and we talk to the cops for like.. 30 mins while like 4 cars are chasing us through the streets, trying to block us in, but I drove on peoples lawns and shit and got away. Finally the cops pull over the SUV and then the cop on the phone tells us to meet them, so we do. And like.. 19 fat ass mother fuckers tell the cops this lame ass bullshit story, saying how.. Leah, Brandy, and Myself were picking fights with the dumbass whores. Rofl.. 3 vs.. 19 wanna be gansters? Ahahha. Yeah.They chased us for like an hour.. It was so pathetic. Correy looked like a fucked up retard. Well, the cops told my dad.. if he pressed criminal charges, he would have to arrest me along with everyone involved.. And 3 of the cars didn't show up the cop meeting place. It was fucking hilarious and scary. Who does that? Fucking bitches do. Rofl. His sister called my sister and was all.. "Imma a ghetto whore, imma kick your brothers ass" and my sister was like.. "nigga please" anyway. So yeah. The lesson ive learned from this experience: Correy's a fucking punk ass bitch wanna be ganster who should die painfully slow, while I get to watch and laugh, and kick his head in. & I should be allowed to run over the rest of the fat family fuckers.

K? It was crazy. The cops didnt even take our story. But seriously.. Wow.
Grandpa said.. "Well, payback is a bitch. Ill get even with them."
And thats why I love my grandpa. He's got my back.
So yeah. We'll see who gets the last laugh, huh?
Fucking wanna be ganster whores.
They were all fucking skanky looking too.
Almost dying.. is pretty funny.
Everytime we stopped at a red light, or stop sign.. half of them would jump out of the car and start running towards my car. So I'd take off. Watching fat whores run, makes me never want to eat again. God. &Correy really needs to lose some weight.. Someone might find him attractive then.. And maybe if he wasn't so retarded.. that might help too.
Skanky whores should die.

That was a brief def. of my night, ok? Everytime I think about it.. I start thinking bad thoughts. So it's best if I don't think about it at the moment. Ahah.

This is a public entry too. To let certain people know, they're fucked up whores.
Yeah.. I mean Correy when I say that.
Good times.
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